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“We will identify the unique factors of each client’s exposure and evaluate potential quotes to be sure that the client is receiving all the discounts they qualify for and has the right amount of coverage to fit their budget.”

— Paxton Jones, Agent & Broker

Why Use an Independent Broker?


Independent Brokers research and connect their client with the ideal insurance carrier for their individual needs. We are independent of the insurance carrier, which allows our allegiance to remain with the client.

The job of the Insurance Agent within the brokerage is to help their clients feel assured that they are purchasing the most important coverages, while still keeping the pricing within their desired budget. In this manner the client will receive added value for the money that they are spending on their necessary insurance policies – including superior advice and service from an educated insurance professional.

Numerous insurance carriers exist in the marketplace today, but are unknown to the casual shopper because just a few advertise to the public. Our brokerage has the ability to connect you with both those carriers you are familiar with and the ones you are not.

What Our Customers Say

Susie at Alpine Insurance always provides great customer service. She is fast in her replies, thorough and proactive. I love that her team reaches out to it’s clients well before renewal dates, allowing us plenty of time to discuss changes in coverage or areas of concern. I feel very well protected with Alpine Insurance watching my company’s back.
Matt Piva
Alpine Insurance has handled my auto and home insurance for 13 years, They are professional and prompt, with great customer service. You will be happy with them too!
Jan Prestidge
I am going to recommend Alpine Insurance to everyone! I can’t thank them enough. Travelers insurance also did a great job helping me when I needed them the most.
Paige Jacobi
Dealing with insurance is difficult in itself but they take the time to address any of my questions or concerns. They are professional and timely and provide great customer service. I would highly recommend them.
Holly Wilson
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